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Who we are

The company, conducted by Susana Beer, was founded in 2002 after the dissolution of Total Research Argentina (1993 to 2001), which was the Argentine subsidiary of Total Research Corporation

How we think

We absolutely understand the complexity of the consumer's values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviour and expectations.

We have a broad array of methodological tools to reveal the multiplicity of dimensions that takes place in purchase decisions (which will lead to customer's loyalty).
We handle the obtained information with strategic intelligence, transforming the data into a solid basis over which precise decisions will be taken.
Total Argentina evaluates a wide diversity of designs before recommending the best suited solution for "your project".

The alternative designs comprise qualitative as well as quantitative techniques and they can include simple solutions or statistically complex ones. Our customers' needs are never "inserted" into predetermined methodologies.

Our Organization

Our company reflects our exceptional flexibility and is composed by a permanent staff of experts. A group of specialists with multidisciplinary expertise sums up, according to the requirements of the market: economists, business administrators, marketing consultants, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, political analists, media experts and semiologists.

Our Permanent Staff

Director: Susana Beer
Project Coordinators
Quantitative Analysts
Qualitative Analysts
Field Coordinators: Qualitative and Quantitative
Telephone Interviews System: CATI
Field Teams of our own, extended all over the country
Internal Edition, Codification and Data Entry
Internal Processing Area


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