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What we do

Differentiating Methodologies:

CLM - Customer's Loyalty and Satisfaction Measurement
Brand Value Measurement - "Brand Value TM"
Elasticity of Price Measurement
Multivariated Analysis: Mapping; Factor Analysis; Cluster Analysis
MPC - Multiple Paired Comparison
Segmentation Studies
Present and Potential Positioning. Construction of "the Ideal"

Quantitative Methodology

Research Design : personal home surveys; telephone surveys; coincidental studies; Central Location studies.

Some sample researches developed:
  • Consumer Tracking Study
  • Development of new products, Line Extension;
  • Satisfaction Studies;
  • Concept test / Blind test / Organoleptics;
  • Pre-Copy test / Post test;
  • Recollection and Advertising and Promotional Effectiveness;
  • A&U - Attitudes and Uses Studies;
  • Studies of Geographical Localization;
  • Trade Studies;
  • Institutional Image Studies;
  • Organizational Studies.
Qualitative Methodology

Research Design : Focus Groups, In depth Interviews, Key Informants Interviews, Ethnographic Interviews, Mistery Shopper.

Localizations Facilities: Gessell Room, Central Location, Groups in their natural environments.

Developed Some Sample Research:
  • Testing of new products;
  • Testing of Concepts;
  • Testing of Brands / Logos / Packaging;
  • Advertising and Promotional Pre test and Post test;
  • Change of Corporate Image Pre test;
  • Institutional Image Studies;
  • Organizational Studies.
Studies in Argentina:

We have a wide range of Field Teams working in the City of Buenos Aires, suburbs and nearby areas.
We also have local teams in the most important cities of the country. Our Field Teams have been largely proved.

Internet Studies:

On line and off line. We have data bases.

Online Studies:

On line studies are appropiated for B to B researchs.

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