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International Studies

Operative Structure

We have worked for Marketing Research Firms, Manufacturing Companies and Companies rendering services as well.

International Studies

We made Strategic Alliances with the following Marketing Research Companies:

CAM - The Marketing Research Company

Chile, Perú y Paraguay



MBI - Mayer & Bunge Informática S/C Ltda.


Multicountry Studies
  • Telecom - Global Star System: Argentina, Brasil, Chile and Colombia | Corporate and residencial study.
  • Ryder: Argentina and Brasil | CLM between Clients
  • IBM Global Services: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay | CLM between Clients
  • Michelin: Argentina, Brasil and Perú | Car drivers | Brand Equity
  • American Airlines: Argentina and Brasil | First Class Passengers
  • Brahma: Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay | Beer Consumers
  • Unilever Bestfoods : Argentina and Uruguay | CLM between Clients
  • Stanford Klapper: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile and México | Using of e-commerce, intranet and Internet in Companies
  • MBI: 22 Latinamerican Countries | Software Developers Companies.
  • Citibank: 22 Latinamerican Countries | Mistery Shopper
  • Nissan: Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela | Satisfaction Study
Foreing companies
  • Bamerindus: Concept Test of a new Service
  • Pepsicola Internacional: Blind test
  • Laboratorios Abbott : Doctors and Laboratories
  • Laboratorios Amgen: Doctors
  • Laboratorios Bristol Myers Squibb: Doctors and Hospitals
  • Laboratorios Pfizer: Patients
  • Digital: Companies and Open systems
  • Principal Financial Group: Pension funds
  • Clairol: Habits; Concept tests, etc.
  • Motorola: CLM
  • Reuters: CLM

A net of Field Teams all along 22 Latin American countries is available to develop studies where face to face interviews are required.

In each case, the coordination and control of the local human resources as well as the launching of the field work is responsibility of Total Argentina's staff.

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